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Calculator Bug Fix Coming

If you’re a user of either Full Screen Calculator or Always on Top Calculator on the Mac, or Hyper Calc on iOS, there’s an important bug fix coming your way.

A thoughtful customer emailed me to let me know that my standard algebraic calculators don’t allow you to chain operations. You have to press the equals key after every operation. In other words, you should be able to press 2 + 3 + 10 + 50 + … as long as you want. The way the calculators work now, you would have to use the equals key at every step, like this: 2 + 3 = + 10 = + 50 =.

The important thing is that I fixed it, and as soon as Apple approves the updates I submitted, you’ll have it in your hands.

How did this bug get there in the first place? It’s a simple case of ignorance. I didn’t know that a calculator should work that way!

I’ve been an RPN user for a long time, since I was in high school at least (here’s why). In fact, the standard calculators that I sell on the App Store started out as RPN calculators. RPN always comes first :) . While I was happy with my work on RPN, I knew that regular calculators are far more popular, and besides, I figured it would only take a few simple modifications to basically reduce the functionality of an RPN calculator and create a regular one. But in the process, I missed one of the finer points of standard calculator logic.

Thanks to that customer for letting me know about the problem. I appreciate when you guys tell me things like that. Your bug report will not only fix an app for you, but for thousands of other users as well.


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